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Life is all about the relationships you make....

One of the things that I see that we take for granted in life are the relationships we make with others. Whether it be family or friends more and more it seems like we've become disconnected for one reason or another. It's funny that in this day and age this is happening when we are living in the information age and have unlimited technology to communicate in the palms of our hands.

Today I went to reach out to a person I have know for many years from my early years in the Marine Corps. Although we haven't spoken in a few years I wanted to reach out to him today for one reason or another. When I sent him a text, I received a reply from the new owner of the number telling me that they weren't the person I was trying to reach. Furthermore, I received a second text informing me that the person I was trying to reach went missing 2 or 3 years ago! I was shocked and baffled. I realized that the last time that I'd spoken to him had to be around 2014 or so.

Other instances that are personal to me are other friends or family that for whatever reason we haven't kept in touch. Recently I've had a friend and a uncle pass that once upon a time I'd frequently communicate with. If you are like me you reminisce about a person when they pass. You think about all the good times and conversations that you had together. If you are also like me you think to yourself that you should have reached out more and stayed in touch over the years.

The point that I'm trying to make is that life isn't guaranteed to anyone. We have to do better in staying in contact with our loved ones. Life is all about the relationships you make. They help shape us to who we are. When you look back on your life I bet that it won't matter what house you live in, the titles you've held or even how much money you have. I truly believe that we will care more about our loved ones and the relationships we've made over a lifetime.

So, if you've been crappy at staying in touch with your friends and/or family like I have. Take today to reach out........


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