• Thomas Udan

Insta-Famo...? uhh, Fit?

Where do I start? How do I become Insta-famous? What's holding me back from: Paid Sponsorships, Travel, Competitions, and the usual assortment of fanfare glory...?

The easy answer is to examine yourself and ask a pretty simple question: "Do I look good Naked?" Chances are you're along with Me and some quantifiable % of the American populace that lives vicariously through those "Fitness Models" and "Bodybuilders."

How about We change that? Start doing the math and you'll notice every second of the day adds up like the continuously compounding interest on that credit card You and I have held over on one or two months longer than we wanted... so if Time is Money $, and Money FACILITATES happiness why can't we be Fit, un-Broke $, and if not happy, Contented.

So before you write this off as a one-off whimsical approach to grabbing your viewership, just know reading is generally Free and while I can't do the work for you, you can get that boost and overcome that mental impetus you've carried up until this point... Point being keep reading this blog and follow me on IG ;)


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